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      高考英语作文:Volunteer work: an unique lesson


        With the rapid development of techndogy(technology) and communication in our society, the sense of competitiveness and cooperation filled our mind steadily. At the same time, the owarness(awareness) of helping others in people's mind also became stronger and stronger. This situation led to the start of a new “job”—volunteer.

        We just found from the passage that the increasing number of the vdunteer(volunteer) touched all the people home and abroad. And I argue the point that volunteer work plays an integral part in our daily life especially for the youth in China.

        First and foremest(foremost), nowadays, parents can only have one child and he or she may be given the best care of the other members in the family. As a consequence, the only clild(child) may become selfish and self-centered unconciously(unconsciously).

        The volunteer work, as a special lessons can help the youngster put the other people's feeling before theirs and ask for their opinion before taking actions. Second volunreer(volunteer) work is not only a training of do others a favour but a process of improving your cooperation ability as well.

        Last but not least, volunteer work is an unique lesson that we cant(cannot) get in our school. Former leader Jiangzemin said: the main goal in education is making students more creative and helping them reach their full potential. And in my poirt(point) view, it is vollunteer work which can help them reach their full potential but not our school lessons. This kind of pratical practise can make us know more about what is going on in our society and in the world, for instance, the May 12 earthquake in wenchuan and the wonderful 2008 Beijing Olympic Game and so on.

        All the evidence discussed in the above awalysis the points to my conclusion that volunteer work is an unique lesson for our teenagers as it make us know more. do more and think more. And I believe that the accumulation of volunteer will rising rapily and it will lead our country to a brighter future.






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